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Why Emoona ?

Emoona is an intelligent video marketplace that provides multiscreen digital advertising solutions. Driven by a powerful technology based on quality filtering and performance optimization, we provide strength and efficiency to brands and publishers.


What We Do.

Emoona provides results and satisfaction ;)


Emoona's In-house AI Algorithm perfectly targets audiences and optimizes performances


Anti-Fraud Detection (Pre/Post Bid) & 100% Transparency. Verified by WhiteOps & Protected Media.


Increase volume to reach goals across all environments

CTV Take control of programming with non-skippable videos ads
In-App Get in touch with your audience on their favorite apps.
Mobile Web Reach your target anywhere, at anytime.
Desktop Address your audience on one of the most powerful medias.

For Publishers

Why you should choose Emoona.

Make more money from your inventory

Emoona's publisher solutions can deliver video ads to more users than anybody else, supporting over all devices.

Maximise fill rates and earn higher eCPMs

Take advantage of the benefits of higher CPMs from rich-media Video Ads, all thanks to Emoona's unique Algorithm Solution and technology.

Advanced inventory monetisation solution

Monetise all your inventory through a single account. Emoona's solution allows publishers to increase revenue easily.

For Advertisers

Why advertisers should choose Emoona.

Reach a premium inventory

Target high-value users across a network of premium publishers all over the world.

Create brand engagement

Utilise innovative and unique ad formats to build your brand and connect with a global audience.

Hit your campaigns KPIs

Reach video ad viewers at scale across every digital screen.

Happy & Proud.

  • A team always present to meet the needs. A know-how recognized and highly appreciated. In addition, they are really very friendly.

    Meryem Mhrar
    Meryem Mrhar Unruly.
  • They know their work perfectly. They have been advertising experts for years. And it's always a pleasure to share their ideas and knowledge with them.

    Nicole Schwartz
    Nicole Schwartz Tremor Video.
  • These guys have been impressive, good team, very prompt in responding to queries and respect time. They provide good ideas and are they are very practical.

    Christa Rimonneau
    Christa Rimonneau Videology
  • That team rocks. You have supported us very well in time for all our requests. In a word, my experience has been amazing !!

    Paul Rosenberg
    Paul Rosenberg Rubicon Project
  • The marketing produced amazing and solid results. Everything is organized to perfection and delivered very systematically.

    Gazit Ovadia
    Gazit Ovadia Amobee
  • If somebody were to ask me for digital efficiency, I would definitely recommend you guys!

    Brian Garey
    Brian Garey SpotX


The Emoona Universe.

Some of the fantastic companies that make miracles with Emoona.


Let's make miracles.

It's time to join the Emoona Universe and make all your wishes come true.

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